Weddings in Mykonos: you’d better plan ahead!

We may still be in the winter but as Mykonos is one of the world’s top wedding destinations, if you really wish to live a once-in-a-lifetime celebration in a mythical atmosphere, you’d better start making your plans and reservations now!

According to the myth, weddings in Greece are considered to be lucky because they are blessed by the spirit of the ancient gods. And while the mainland of this blissful country is full of romantic sites, island weddings are a uniquely amazing experience that reflects the warmth and strength of the sun, the regenerating freedom of the wind and the openness of the deep, wide blue sea.

Mykonos in particular offers the most magical scenery for an absolutely perfect, glamorous celebration that will meet all the expectations of both the happy couple and its guests. Just name it and you can have it; from a peaceful celebration in an isolated white-washed small chapel, to a ‘hippy’ wedding on the beach or an elegant, cosmopolitan event in a top luxury, totally chic venue. There is such a wide variety of alternatives for weddings in Mykonos that you can rest assured that your special day will be an absolutely exceptional event, and a memory to cherish for as long as you live! Among the alternative there are even scuba-dive weddings, wind-surf weddings, receptions on superyachts or in village squares and a few dozens more ideas!

Plus, there is an answer to every question: are you dreaming of a sexy wedding gown that will reveal a perfectly tanned skin? You can get it either the natural way, by sunbathing on a golden sun beach, or in one of the numerous beauty salons and spas around Mykonos Town. Will you be looking for sophisticated gifts for your significant one and your close family? Mykonos is a paradise for exclusive shopping, especially in the area of handmade jewelry! Would you like a top mixologist of one of the hottest bars on the island to create a very special signature cocktail to honor your ‘big day’ and name it after you? All you have to do is ask for it!

To cut it short, if you want to plan a dream wedding on the most rocking island of the Aegean that will create the most spectacular memories of your whole life, all you have to do is set your imagination free and leave the rest to the experts! There are many inspired wedding planners in Mykonos who have decades of experience in organizing events on the island. These professionals are ready to make your dream come true by taking care of every detail; from the paperwork to the whole styling of the event, the accommodation and transport of your guests, the crazy parties and any other extravagance that will make you blissful!