Top specialties to taste in Mykonos - Kopanisti

Top specialties to taste in Mykonos

If you are a foodie, a gourmand or a culinary aficionado, you will never have problem finding where to delight your palate in Mykonos. On this sun-soaked island there are so many restaurants and plenty of dining options to choose from, from cozy taverns that serve delicious grilled fish to world-renowned hotspots offering the epitome of gourmet dining. But if you’re deep into local food and enjoy discovering authentic taste experiences, you have to try these unique specialties of Mykonos!


tick-iconKopanisti” is a salty and spicy cheese with a creamy texture, produced mainly in Mykonos and also some of the surrounding Cycladic islands.  The most common way of enjoying Kopanisti is in a “mostra” dish: the cheese is served on wet rusks, topped with chopped tomatoes and olive oil. This is a great meze to have with a glass of ouzo, tsipouro or raki!

tick-iconXinotyro” (or xinotyri) is another traditional cheese with a distinct sour taste, ideal for being crumbled onto summer salads, into sauces and pasta. Xinotyro is left to rest and drain in the sun for many weeks and get tougher.

Top specialties to taste in Mykonos - Louza

Louza | photo:

tick-iconThe traditional cured meat of Mykonos and nearby islands is called “Louza” and it’s made of local pork. A month before Christmas, the pork meat is buried in salt for 24 hours and then placed in boiling water for 10-20 minutes. After it has dried out, it is carefully seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices. Louza is usually served in thin slices.

tick-iconMykonian sausages are also an exceptional delicacy of the island, made from pork. They contain only small amount of fat and this is why they are considered to be among the best in Greece. The sausages are seasoned with salt, pepper, savory and oregano and are then traditionally dried in the air.

tick-iconThe onion pie (“kremmydopita”) is another famous dish of Mykonos. Kremmydopita is made with onions and “Tyrovolia”—another local cheese, soft and white and not spicy as Kopanisti.

We suggest that you try all these traditional delicacies of Mykonos when you’re on the island. They’re definitely worth a bite and will keep you coming back for more. Bon appetit!