How to Feel Romantic in Mykonos

How to Feel Romantic in Mykonos

Forget all the stereotypes about adrenaline flowing in the narrow streets of Mykonos Town, heavy drinking, loud music and all night wild parties. Yes; all the above are definitely a big part of summer life on this exciting island, but there is much more!

For Mykonos is also a place of great romance, breath taking sunsets, idyllic small taverns and cafés, amazing secluded beaches and a thousand other romantic sides that will tempt you to steal a kiss from your “other half”! So, if while on the island, you are looking for a quite hideout where you can spend precious moments with your beloved one, here are a few suggestions:

Take a long walk in Chora

Chora is the capital of Mykonos; a rather small town by the sea built in the form of a labyrinth to protect its residents from pirates who used to raid the Cyclades and also from the stormy winter winds. Wait until almost sundown, when romantic lights and candles make the small stone paved alleys look like a theater scenery, go shopping at one of its exclusive shops and end up for a signature cocktail in one of its elegant bars.

Little Venice, Mykonos

Nothing better than dinner in Little Venice

Walking by the sea side, towards the western part of Choral you will find Little Venice; a picturesque neighborhood with beautiful old houses, small cafes, fancy bars and elegant restaurants. The buildings are literally sea washed as they are built right up to the waterfront. It may be the most romantic site in Mykonos, it sure is one of the most photographed places in the Cyclades and one of the top 10 best spots for enjoying the famous, magical Aegean sunset.

You will love the windmills!

Ever since the late 50’s when Mykonos started weaving its fame as a preferred destination for the international jet set, windmills were its trademark – along with a generation of pelicans called… Peters! Today 16 really old windmills are still there, maybe a bit worn out be the wind and the salty air, but always standing like gigantic peaceful guardians of the island’s history and tradition. Don’t miss a chance for a romantic photo underneath their shadow.

Mykonos Windmills

(Almost) Robinson Crusoe for a day!

Despite the general belief that the amazing beaches of Mykonos are only for party lovers or funky sports fans, there are still a few ones ideal for quiet romantic escapes that include long hours of swimming, relaxing and sunbathing. One of the quietest is Lia, at the south eastern side of the island. White sand, crystal blue waters and a little bar restaurant at a walking distance is all you need to remember what real love is!

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