Never too early to plan your holidays in Mykonos!

In early April, when winter is still going strong in central and northern Europe, as well as in many other parts of the globe, the atmosphere in Mykonos starts changing; the quietness of the indoor life gives way to an anticipation mood that clearly indicates the coming of a new rocking summer season!

By then everything is ready to welcome the first tourists who will be coming for Easter. To be honest, this is a time of the year not to miss in Greece since the combination of the first intense signs of spring, together with the beautiful mystical rituals and traditions of this great Orthodox celebration, can easily take your breath away.

It is also a great time to explore the island from the inside and feel like a local. You can enjoy the accommodation of your dreams, like renting an exquisite villa with private pool and all that might not be available later in the summer, Traffic and parking are still manageable, while you will not have to make reservations days ahead in order to try some absolutely fine dining or book a private set of sunbeds in some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean.

More great tips for spring holidays

Pack your swimsuits: Sea temperature may still be a bit to the lower side (17-20 Celsius) but the weather gets warmer every day, with long hours of sunshine. Nevertheless, don’t forget to also pack a few sweatshirts or jackets, as the air early in the morning and late in the evening can get rather chilly.

You will find everything open in Mykonos — from fancy restaurants and bars to clubs and boutique shops, plus the famous cosmopolitan sandy beaches with the crystal azure waters, where life after midday can get really loud. This will give you a taste of the summer frenzy on the island; yet without the frenzy!

Less beach time will give you enough space to explore the island from the inside: for instance, you can take a daily cruise with a guided tour on Delos, the sacred island just next to Mykonos where, among other, you will stand in awe in front of the ruins of the world famous temple of Apollo, ancient god of music. You will also have the opportunity to visit very interesting museums at the town of Mykonos; the spectacular Chora with the picturesque narrow streets and alleys. Last but not least is a must-tour around Mykonos’s unique churches and monasteries, following an itinerary that combines learning the history of the island and experiencing devoutness in the most spectacular surroundings in the Aegean sea.