Mykonos Town

Things to know about Mykonos Town

From above when flying in, or from a distance of a few miles when reaching its port, all you see at first is a “blanket” of dazzling whitewashed buildings covering a solid, dry rock. Then, as you approach, you’ll get the first amazing sight of the old, imposing windmills overlooking the old harbor! These, along with the countless chapels scattered all around the island, Matoyianni and Little Venice are some of Mykonos trademarks that reflect its absolutely exceptional personality.

On the way to your holiday home, besides losing your breath to the pallet of the “50 shades of blue” coloring the sunny sky and the restless sea, you’ll start getting the feeling of what Mykonos is all about: a magic spell and an unparalleled vibrant energy that stems from ancient stories about mighty mythological gods and pirate adventures and a thousand beauties emerging from every corner of its small territory.

Mykonos Town

It is beyond doubt that you will never get enough of its spectacular sandy beaches; either you choose the less crowded ones for swimming and sunbathing, or those with the sophisticated water sports activities; or even better the ones where the party never ends!

On the other hand, if you really care to explore the true core of this rare Aegean gem, then you should certainly start your tour from Mykonos town; the famous Chora. Originally built like a labyrinth in order to be protected not only from pirate raids but also from the furious northern winter winds, Chora is like fairy tale scenery. Its narrow paved alleys are home for dozens of luxury brand boutiques, picturesque souvenir shops, art galleries, designer stores, handmade jewelry shops, fancy bars and elegant restaurants for exclusive dining.

The more you walk, the more hidden treasures you discover, until in the end you realize that every little road you cross leads to the busy seafront that offers a spectacular view to the setting sun. Once you get there, take the road towards Little Venice; a truly amazing spot with sea washed medieval buildings that house stylish bars and restaurants.

While still in Chora take some time to visit its museums — the Archaeological, the Maritime, the Folklore and others where you can learn a lot about its rich history. Also, pay a visit to Manto Square to see the monument built for Manto Mavrogenous, a heroine of the Greek War of Independence. Indulge to the mystic atmosphere and quietness of the white-washed churches and chapels; among them do not miss to visit the church of Panagia Paraportiani, situated in the Kastro area. Our advice though is that if you want to elaborate on the details of this beautiful island’s history and treasures, please ask us for a private guide who will turn your stay in Mykonos into a fascinating journey through the glorious past and present of the Cyclades!