Mykonos Chora: a town that will amaze you


Mykonos Town, the picturesque capital of Mykonos Island, unfolds its splendor.

Located on the west side of Mykonos island, Mykonos Town—’Chora’, as called by the locals—is a magical place where simplicity, authenticity and tradition go hand in hand with luxury, high aesthetics and refined taste.

Do yourself a favor that you’ll be thankful for in the future and wander around this charming town. The maze of narrow streets will make you happily lose yourself in its labyrinthal windings, whose design was meant to confuse the pirates who raided the island in the 18th and early 19th centuries.


Stare in awe of the beautiful churches, and be amazed by the traditional wells and old captains’ houses. The cubic houses are white and simple, typical examples of Cycladic architecture. As Le Corbusier, the father of modernism, once said:

Unless you have seen the houses of Mykonos, you cannot pretend to be an architect.

mykonos-town-alleyWindows are made of wood, doors, shutters, frames and balconies are painted in almost every color of the rainbow. Outside the houses, pink and purple bougainvilleas stand in stark contrast to the white walls and blue sky, creating a scenic beauty.

Above Mykonos town, the iconic Windmills stand proudly atop a small hill. The famous 16th century landmark of the island is the first sight to greet visitors arriving by boat.

Once the sun sets, the narrow streets are starting to fill with people. Trendy cafés and clubs, first-class restaurants, chic clothing boutiques, jewelry and souvenir shops attract the attention of passers-by and lure them inside. Matoyianni street is where the heart of Mykonos town beats. Here you will find everything from designer clothes and accessories to luxury jewelry and unique works of art.

During the summer season, Mykonos Town never sleeps. Restaurants, bars and clubs stay open until morning to cater to every desire, proving that Mykonos Island is, indeed, sleepless.