Mykonos Beaches

Mykonos Beaches

Mykonos beaches are an extremely good reason to spend your summer vacation on this heavenly island. Popular and crowded or remote and isolated, Mykonos beaches will seduce you with their crystal clear waters and spectacular views. Here are the best Mykonos beaches to suit every taste.

Psarou Beach, Mykonos


Psarou is one of the most popular and cosmopolitan beaches located in the southwest of the island, not very far from Mykonos town. Psarou beach is famous for attracting celebrities from all over the world among thousands of tourists every year, who come to enjoy its fine sand and fantastic turquoise waters.

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Agios Ioannis

This beautiful small beach with crystal clear waters is located on the west side of Mykonos facing Delos Island, and really close to Mykonos town. It’s the beach where the film “Shirley Valentine” was shot and also where the most famous feast of the island (Ai-Yiannis) takes place, at the end of September. If you wish to relax in a quieter location, you should visit the nearby beach of Kapari.

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Kapari is one of the few unorganized beaches on the island, quiet and peaceful, ideal for relaxation while watching the mesmerizing sunsets. Located behind the chapel of Agios Ioannis in the far west of Mykonos, this beautiful beach with crystal clear waters is a secluded gem unaffected by massive tourism. Its wild beauty can easily capture your heart as long as you wear athletic shoes and bring your own water bottles and towels.

Elia Beach, Mykonos


Elia is a long beach in the south of Mykonos with clean white sand and perfect turquoise waters. This picturesque beach is attracting a mix of gay and straight sunbathers. The comfy sun loungers and the umbrellas will make your experience here relaxing and memorable! Water sports are also available. Have in mind that many nudists visit the far right end of the beach. To reach Elia beach, you need to drive for at least 20 minutes from Mykonos town.

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Panormos Beach, Mykonos


Panormos is a sandy beach with crystal clear waters facing east onto Panormos Bay, on the northern part of Mykonos. This is a gorgeous place to spend the day, especially if you want to get away from the louder beaches in the south! If you wish to get away completely from the crowds, you can walk to the far end; otherwise you can relax on a sunbed sipping a cocktail and surrounded by great people, at the exceptional beach restaurant. In a very short distance from here you will find the beach of Agios Sostis.

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This is one of the most well-known beaches in Mykonos, nestled in an excellent location in the south of the island. Paradise beach is mostly a party beach; so if you’re looking for a quiet vacation, you should have in mind that the crowd here is young and energetic and the music is constantly playing. The water is clear, the beach is clean and sandy—and also nude-friendly.

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Super Paradise

Super Paradise is beautiful party beach with lovely clear water, in the south of Mykonos. If you want a quiet beach, then perhaps this is not for you; especially in peak season! The party atmosphere attracts mostly young people who come to chill out with a drink, dance and have fun.

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Paraga Beach, Mykonos


Paraga is a lovely beach just around the corner from Platis Gialos. This is actually a combination of two sandy beaches separated by a headland and forming a large beach. The southern beach is the calmer, while the northern one is fully organized with a lot of taverns playing music. Paraga can be reached by a 15 minute walk from Platis Gialos or by one of the frequent taxi-boats going to Super Paradise beach. The crystal clear water of Paraga makes it perfect for swimming and the wonderful views across the half moon bay make it an ideal place for a relaxing day with family or friends. The sea is a bit rocky, so you have to be careful. Water sport activities are also available if you choose.

Ornos Beach, Mykonos


Ornos beach is an easily accessible pretty beach on the western part of Mykonos, with a nice, chilled vibe. The waters are clear and inviting and the views of the surrounding cliffs and open sea are spectacular! The beach has a wide selection of great beach bars and restaurants. In August it gets really crowded, so you’d get there early in the day to secure your seating or book in advance.

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Lia Beach, Mykonos


If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday in a less commercialized beach, this peaceful and quiet gem in the southwest of the island is just perfect to lie down and listen to the waves! The water is unbelievably clear, yet keep in mind that Lia beach consists of small pebbles and not fine sand. A restaurant that serves fresh seafood and also a diving center are at your disposal.

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Kalo Livadi Beach, Mykonos

Kalo Livadi

Kalo Livadi is a really nice sandy beach in the southeast of Mykonos. The sand is soft and the water is clear and blue, and the scenery is just perfect to soak up the Greek sun! Kalo Livadi beach is a great place to relax, well-served and well-organized, with different restaurant options. A free area with no umbrellas is also at your disposal.

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Kalafatis - Agia Anna Beach, Mykonos


If you wish to get away from the party beaches, Kalafatis in the southeast of Mykonos is the perfect retreat for you, off the beaten path. It’s a spacious and quiet beach with clean waters, but keep in mind that sometimes the winds are quite strong, something that makes it a great windsurfing spot. Free sunbeds are available on the right end of the beach.

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Agia Anna

Agia (Saint) Anna on the southeast side of Mykonos is a lovely sheltered bay with crystal clear waters. The scenery is very relaxing and calming, away from the frenzy of other places in the island, especially in the morning.

Platis Gialos Beach, Mykonos

Platis Gialos

Located in the southwest of Mykonos, Platis Gialos is one of the most popular beaches of the island, fully organized and well-kept. The sea is beautifully clear, perfect for swimming, but the beach is packed—especially during the high season—with loads of sunbeds and umbrellas. Many hotels are lined in front of the beach and you can see many people walk straight down to the beach from their rooms. Lots of nice bars and restaurants are at your disposal at Platis Gialos, as well as jet skis for hire. From here, regular taxi-boats go to the beaches of the southern coast which are Paraga, Agrari, Elia, Paradise and Super Paradise.

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Ftelia is an alternative sandy beach on the northern part of Mykonos Island. This truly is a hidden gem, perfect to make the most of the sun in a quiet area. The Meltemi (the Cycladic wind coming from north) that blows here makes this beach very popular among windsurfers and kitesurfers. There is no organized beach service here, so you won’t find umbrellas or sunbeds; but you can get poofs on the sand for free if you order something to eat from the restaurant on the left end corner.

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Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis is a beautiful uncommercialized beach off the beaten bath on the north side of the island, on the road to Panormos. You need to bring your own towel—as there are no amenities at all—and maybe some snacks or food, if you plan to stay for many hours. The water is incredibly clear! Agios Sostis is somewhat busy, but it’s much quieter than the surrounding beaches and creates a secluded feeling. If you’re looking for peace and relaxation, this is a great place untouched by the tourism industry. Have in mind that there is no bus connection available, so you can only come here by car or motorbike, which you can park on the road and then walk down the hill.


Fokos is a nice, quiet beach in the north-northeast of the island. You will find no umbrellas or sunbeds here! This is a secret gem with crystal clear water situated in a peaceful cove, ideal for couples or families who want a relaxing beach away from all the hassle—even in high season. The tavern at the beach serves great food.


Merchia is a wonderful beach, in the northeast of Mykonos. It’s a quite peaceful beach, ideal to get away from it all and just enjoy the sun and sea. Keep in mind that it’s pebbled, so don’t forget to bring your beach shoes! In the area you will discover a small church and a shelter for boats.


Frangias is a secluded beach in the southeast of Mykonos, protected from the winds thanks to its orientation. This place is not organized at all, so you have to bring your own towel, umbrella, food and—of course—water. Even in mid August, when Mykonos is extremely crowded, this piece of heaven remains largely deserted. The turquoise waters are great for snorkeling!