7th June 2017
Bars in Mykonos are world-renowned for their unique atmosphere that can make any night one to remember for a lifetime! In fact, the whole Mykonos island lives in its own party world and the best way to discover what this means, is to experience the famous 'Mykonos nightlife' yourself.
28th April 2017
Top specialties to taste in Mykonos - Kopanisti

Top specialties to taste in Mykonos

if you enjoy discovering authentic taste experiences, you have to try these unique specialties of Mykonos which are definitely worth a bite and will keep you coming back for more.
10th March 2017
Wedding in Mykonos

Wedding in Mykonos: a brilliant idea!

If you’re planning your wedding and considering of beginning your lives together in a dazzling destination, Mykonos should definitely be high on your list. This stunning island in the heart of the Aegean Sea is gifted with many spectacular beaches to host an unforgettable ceremony, while its Cycladic architecture and breathtaking sunset views over the white-washed houses will provide a gorgeous backdrop to your wedding.
31st January 2017
Mykonos Town, the picturesque capital of Mykonos Island, is a magical place where simplicity, authenticity and tradition go hand in hand with luxury, high aesthetics and refined taste.
7th December 2016

Beach Bars & Restaurants in Mykonos

From laid back and bohemian to classy and elaborate, Mykonos beach bars and restaurants will offer you whatever is needed to make your vacation a memorable one!
7th December 2016
Mykonos Beaches

Mykonos Beaches

Mykonos beaches are an extremely good reason to spend your summer vacation on this heavenly island. Popular and crowded or remote and isolated, they will seduce you with their crystal clear waters and spectacular views! Here are the best Mykonos beaches to suit every taste.