Beach Bars & Restaurants in Mykonos

Dining at the beach or sipping on a cocktail, while lying on a sunbed and taking in the great views of the Aegean Sea, is an experience that you must definitely live while in Mykonos! The good thing is, there are many beach bar & restaurant options on the island for you. From laid back and bohemian to classy and elaborate, Mykonos beach bars and restaurants will offer you whatever is needed to make your vacation a memorable one!



Psarou Beach

Nammos | Psarou Beach, Mykonosimage:

Nammos is one of the most famous beachside restaurants in the world, located right on Psarou beach. At its dining areas you will enjoy exquisite Mediterranean cuisine but also some of the best sushi on the island. Nammos is renowned for its vibrant and spontaneous atmosphere that makes every visit an unforgettable summer experience.


Hippie Fish

Agios Ioannis Beach

Hippie Fish | Agios Ioannis, Mykonosimage:

This is one of the most popular beach restaurants in Mykonos, serving fresh fish and seafood since 1978. Hippie Fish restaurant boasts a contemporary design and a cozy ambiance perfect for relaxing, as well as stunning views of the Aegean. Food is delicious and beautifully presented, and the cocktails are amazing.


Elia Restaurant

Elia Beach

Elia | Elia Beach, Mykonosimage:

Elia is a nice restaurant with magnificent views to the beach of Elia and the Aegean Sea. Open-air seating takes full advantage of the beautiful natural landscape and sunny weather. Elia is a lovely place for dining with friends and family after a day at the beach. Enjoy the fresh fish and seafood, meat, tasty pasta, Greek specialties and fabulous desserts.


Panormos Mykonos

Panormos Beach

Panormos | Panormos Beach, Mykonosimage:

Panormos Mykonos is a fantastic beach restaurant with stunning design and a great ambiance. Here you will enjoy outstanding food made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and taste exceptional wines. If you’re not in the mood for dining, you can simply make yourself comfortable on the cozy sunbeds and sip on amazing cocktails while listening to excellent tunes.


Super Paradise

Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise | Super Paradise Beach, Mykonosimage:

The party starts early in the afternoon at Super Paradise. Around 4:30pm the volume ramps up and the place gets loud and lively! The ambiance at this self service restaurant is terrific, the cocktails are great, the food is good and the people are wonderful; overall, a fantastic place to have a great time on the beach.


Pinky Beach

Super Paradise Beach

Pinky Beach | Super Paradise Beach, Mykonosimage:

Pinky Beach is a very organized spot that boasts fresh food and friendly service in a fantastic ambiance. The sunbeds are comfortable so you can enjoy some relaxing hours on the beach sipping on great drinks. You can book a table at the fabulous restaurant and try the grilled octopus, shrimp, mussels and other delicious dishes paired with a bottle of wine from their extended wine selection.


Jackie O’

Super Paradise Beach

Jackie O' | Super Paradise Beach, Mykonosimage:

Jackie O’ is a great place to taste excellent food, sip on refreshing cocktails and dance like nobody’s watching. While the sun shines, you can relax on your  sunbed in front of the perfect azure waters and the waiter will fetch you anything you want from the menu. In the late afternoon, the drag shows and pool parties taking place here make Jackie O’ one of the best places to have fun in Mykonos, no matter if you’re gay or straight.



Paradise Beach

Tropicana | Paradise Beach, Mykonosimage:

Tropicana is one of the most popular beach bars and restaurants in Mykonos! It’s a great hotspot mainly for young people who come to have endless fun with nice cocktails and music. The food is also pretty good and the service is attentive. After 4 pm, the music gets loud and the party kicks off—so feel free to dance on the tabletop.


Cavo Paradiso

Paradise Beach

Cavo Paradiso | Paradise Beach, Mykonosimage:

If you like the party life, this is a must go. Cavo Paradiso is definitely one of the best clubs on the island and one of the best options to have a blast while in Mykonos. This is an awesome venue, spacious, with a pool in the middle. Many well-known DJs like DJ Guetta and Benny Benassi play music here every summer and drive the crowd wild.



Paraga Beach

Kalua | Paraga Beach, Mykonosimage:

Kalua is a great place to lounge, soak up the sun and enjoy the view. Here you will enjoy absolute comfort listening to amazing music, which kicks off around 5pm. The interior design is wonderful, in harmony with the natural scenery, and the service is friendly and attentive. The food is pretty good and you can order sushi if you wish. You also have the option to indulge in a shisha smoking session, right from the comfort of your sunbed!



Paraga Beach

Scorpios | Paraga Beach, Mykonosimage:

This is a beautiful place with great ambiance and vibe as well as outstanding ocean views. The food is delicious, the cocktails are amazing and the music is simply perfect. Sunset parties that take place at Scorpios are a truly fascinating experience. Scorpios is a must—but make sure to book a table and be there on time.



Ornos Beach

Kuzina | Ornos Beach, Mykonosimage:

At Kuzina you will taste interesting fusion and Mediterranean flavors, in a wonderful scenery. All seafood, pasta and sushi dishes are made with fresh ingredients and served by friendly, efficient and professional staff. When the sun starts to go down, a great cocktail right on the beach is an excellent choice!


Trattoria Farina

Ornos Beach

Trattoria Farina | Ornos Beach, Mykonosimage:

This is a trendy place to enjoy Italian recipes. Located right on the beach of Ornos, Farina will offer you freshly baked pizzas, absolutely delicious pasta, sushi and other intriguing culinary suggestions. The staff are quick and friendly. Overall, a nice place for lunch or dinner, with a great view of Ornos bay.



Ornos Beach

Pasaji | Ornos Beach, Mykonosimage:

A great spot to spoil yourself with unique fusion dishes, right on the beach. Ideal for all-day dining and relaxation, Pasaji offers you the option to enjoy your favorite meal or drink without leaving your lounge bed. The sushi is simply amazing, one of the freshest and most delicious you will have while in Mykonos. At the shisha bar you can indulge in a high-quality smoking experience.


Aperanto Galazio

Ornos Beach

Aperanto Galazio | Ornos Beach, Mykonosimage:

The food is excellent, the portions are generous, the atmosphere is relaxing, the views of the sea are unsurpassed. What else could you possibly want? Aperanto Galazio is more family-friendly than some of the other restaurants on the beach. Here you will enjoy Mediterranean and modern Greek cuisine, with focus on grilled meats, seafood, fresh fish, pasta, risotto and juicy burgers.



Ornos Beach

Kostantis | Ornos Beach, Mykonosimage:

Kostantis is a great restaurant in a perfect setting, right by the beach of Ornos. The view is lovely, the decor and the atmosphere are beautiful. Open for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Kostantis will delight you with good food and attentive service. If you choose to visit it, you must definitely try the grilled sea bass.


Buddha Bar Beach

Ornos Beach

Buddha Bar | Ornos Beach, Mykonosimage:

Undoubtedly one of the hot spots in Mykonos, Buddha Bar Beach at Santa Marina Resorts & Villas combines the signature atmosphere of the renowned restaurant with unparalleled views of the Aegean Sea. In its exceptional atmosphere you will indulge in a classy dining experience with East Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other Asian flavors combined with a zest of the West, while listening to amazing music. The cocktails are delicious.


Fish Taverna Lia

Lia Beach

Lia Fish Taverna | Lia Beach, Mykonosimage:

At Rakkan get ready to enjoy a premium culinary experience. Here you will be served Japanese cuisine with a Mediterranean touch, in a great atmosphere with a beautiful interior design and nice music that goes loud after 4pm. Rakkan is a good choice for sunbathing and chilling on Kalo Livadi beach, as its sunbeds are very comfortable.



Kalo Livadi Beach

Rakkan | Kalo Livadi Beach, Mykonosimage:

At Rakkan get ready to enjoy a premium culinary experience. Here you will be served Japanese cuisine with a Mediterranean touch, in a great atmosphere with a beautiful interior design and nice music that goes loud after 4pm. Rakkan is a good choice for sunbathing and chilling on Kalo Livadi beach, as its sunbeds are very comfortable, however a bit pricey.



Kalo Livadi Beach

Solymar | Kalo Livadi Beach, Mykonosimage:

Solymar is a nice place to relax and indulge in Mediterranean cuisine with ethnic elements. If you like fresh fish, pasta or sushi, you will enjoy dining here. The beach is a daily meeting point for people seeking relaxation on the comfortable, spacious and spread out sunbeds, along with special pampering from the staff of Solymar. The cocktails are delicious.



Kalafatis Beach

Thalassa | Kalafatis Beach, Mykonosimage:

With its gorgeous seaside location on Kalafatis beach and magnificent views of the Aegean Sea, Thalassa will offer you a relaxing lunch or dinner. Meals are based on fresh meat and local seafood, and the dishes are traditional Mediterranean, enriched with the chefs’ innovative ideas and flair. The attentive staff and the beautiful Cycladic decoration compliment the experience.



Agia Anna Beach

Spilia | Agia Anna Beach, Mykonosimage:

Peacefully nestled on a natural platform on the rocks, hanging over the sea, Spilia (cave) seaside restaurant features dishes that offer a Mediterranean-Mykonian culinary experience. Seafood and fresh fish are served straight from the sea. This is a great place to soak up the incredible views.



Platis Gialos Beach

Monarch | Platis Gialos Beach, Mykonosimage:

Against the beautiful background of Platis Gialos beach, Monarch will pamper you with large, comfortable sunbeds, big umbrellas and attentive service. This is a nice place to try a fantastic cocktail on the beach, taste high quality dishes prepared with the best materials, enjoy a hair treatment or relax your tension with a revitalizing massage.


Avli tou Thodori

Platis Gialos Beach

Avli tou Thodori | Platis Gialos Beach, Mykonosimage:

At Avli tou Thodori you can swim and relax on the sun loungers while drinking a refreshing cocktail and then dine at the wonderful restaurant. The menu features fresh seafood and fish, meat, pasta, pizzas, salads and delicious appetizers, as well as traditional Greek dishes such as moussaka. The portions are big, the prices are reasonable and the staff is kind and friendly. Avli tou Thodori is an excellent choice for families or couples. Be sure to reserve your table in advance!



Ftelia Beach

Alemagou | Ftelia Beach, Mykonosimage:

All-day beach bar & restaurant Alemagou is a place where you can both relax and have fun, as well as enjoy good food. The attitude is relaxed, the ambiance is laid back and bohemian. Here you will be served fresh seafood, meat and other delicious dishes, while listening to great music. Alemagou is also a magnificent place to order a cocktail and watch the incredible sunset!


Kiki’s Tavern

Agios Sostis Beach

Kiki's Tavern | Agios Sostis Beach, Mykonosimage:

Hidden behind the surrounding trees, Kiki’s Tavern just above the beach of Agios Sostis is a small, delightful restaurant. You may see many people waiting in a queue–but it’s worth it. You can have a swim in the sea whilst waiting, as long as someone stays in the line. The seafood is fresh and tasty, the salads are mouthwatering, the pork chop is delicious… and the views are spectacular!


Fokos Taverna

Fokos Beach

Fokos Taverna | Fokos Beach, Mykonosimage:

This is a great family friendly tavern at the left side of the small bay, perfect for lunch after a long day at the beach. Serving traditional Greek fare, unique salads, grilled meats, fresh fish and homemade desserts, Fokos Taverna can make your visit memorable with its flavorful dishes, laid back atmosphere and beautiful natural setting. The grills, appetizers, salads and Greek pies are delicious!