Bars in Mykonos Town: 8+1 hot spots

Bars in Mykonos are world-renowned for their unique atmosphere that can make any night one to remember for a lifetime! In fact, the whole Mykonos island lives in its own party world and the best way to discover what this means, is to experience the famous ‘Mykonos nightlife’ yourself. The island has many amazing bars and clubs, each one with its own ambiance and vibes to match any taste. If you find yourself in the picturesque Mykonos Town, you should definitely visit at least one of these bars in Mykonos Town presented below.


Caprice of Mykonos

Bars in Mykonos Town - Caprice of Mykonos

Caprice, one of the most talked-about bars in the world that has welcomed a number of celebrities, has kept true to its fame. It’s a great place to enjoy a drink in the early evening while watching the sun go down or at night for a start of a long night. The cocktails are well-made and tasty, and the great tunes and vibes will keep you going till the early hours of the morning.


Scarpa Bar

Bars in Mykonos Town - Scarpa

Scarpa Bar is located right next to the sea in the picturesque area of Little Venice. It’s a great place with fantastic ambiance where you can enjoy an impressive selection of delicious cocktails with a lovely view of the iconic windmills. Scarpa Bar is an amazing spot to relax and watch the magical sunset!


Jackie O’

Bars in Mykonos Town - Jackie O'

Jackie O’ is one of the best bars in Mykonos town, located right on the seawall of the old harbor. It has always been a favorite spot for gay people but anyone can join the fun atmosphere! The party starts after midnight, when drag shows take place and keep you entertained. However, you should also visit Jackie O’ early in the evening to enjoy the stunning sunset view.



Bars in Mykonos Town - Bonbonniere


Located in the ‘Tria Pigadia’ area, Bonbonniere is a bar & club frequently visited by celebrities. The interior is really impressive and the ambiance is fabulous! Here you will sip amazing drinks while watching passersby, you will dance to great music and relax with a shisha smoking session, away from the busy scene. Reservations are always recommended!



Bars in Mykonos Town - Semeli Bar

A very well-known all-day and all-night café, bar and bistro, Semeli offers a selection of the finest champagne and spirits as well as its signature cocktails.  Energy in this place is perfect, so if you’re looking for a crazy night out to have fun and socialize, it’s a must-visit. The music is great and keeps you moving and the vibes invite you to dance all night long.


Toy Room

Bars in Mykonos Town - Toy Room

Located at the heart of Little Venice, Toy Room has arrived straight from London. To enter this exclusive party spot world you need to follow the dress code and be prepared for cosmopolitan nights filled with glamour. Toy Room combines elite furnishings with exquisite lighting to create a unique party atmosphere.


Skandinavian Bar

Bars in Mykonos Town - Skandinavian Bar

Skandinavian Bar is a great spot for a drink and a nice hangout for late nights, with great music and a lively atmosphere. The staff is friendly and professional, the cocktails are fabulous, the music is great; everything about Skandinavian Bar makes it an amazing place to have fun and party until the early hours of the morning. This is definitely one of the best places to enjoy nightlife in Mykonos.



Bars in Mykonos Town - Cosi

Located in downtown Mykonos, Cosi is a wonderful spot for socializing. Drinks are served from the morning into the late night. The music goes up in the evening and hour after hour the whole place is starting to transform into a great party venue. You can discover some pretty awesome cocktails here!


Queen of Mykonos

Bars in Mykonos Town - Queen of Mykonos

A fantastic outdoor bar right in the heart of Mykonos Town, surrounded by luxury boutiques! If you love socializing and mingling with trendy crowds with a superbly made cocktail in your hand, while listening to amazing tunes, Queen of Mykonos is for you. Keep in mind that it’s a rather small place, so maybe you want to consider arriving before the main crowd hits the area!