5 Reasons to visit Mykonos in autumn

5 reasons to visit Mykonos in autumn

Summer may be over, but the beauty of Mykonos remains unchanged during autumn! The sea that surrounds the island is still surprisingly blue and the sun still shines bright above, most of the time. Mykonos is worth visiting every day of the year, but here are five good reasons to visit the island in autumn.

5 Reasons to visit Mykonos in autumn

1. It’s less crowded.

During autumn, Mykonos is not packed with visitors from around the globe. When high season is over, it’s more enjoyable to experience the island—especially if you are not really into the “party scene” for which Mykonos is so well-known.

2. The weather is still beautiful.

The summer months are the most popular time of the year to visit Mykonos and enjoy its amazing beaches. During autumn the weather may not be as hot as in July and August, but it’s still lovely! It’s the perfect weather for sightseeing and traveling around the island; not hot, not cold.

3. You can experience the island as a local.

During the autumn months, you will enjoy a more authentic Greek experience. Most of the tourists have returned to their countries and life returns to normal. It’s a great chance to meet local people while strolling along the streets of Mykonos Town (Chora). Visiting Mykonos in autumn makes it easier to blend in and will definitely make you feel more like a local than in summer.

5 Reasons to visit Mykonos in autumn

4. The attractions are less busy.

Visiting Mykonos in autumn means no waiting in lines to visit archaeological sites or other points of interest. There’s also no need to make early reservations for restaurants and other venues like you would during the summer craziness.

5. It’s less expensive.

Autumn is often a less expensive time to travel, so you will be able to find better deals on flights and accommodation. Prices are typically cheaper during the off-peak season, something that makes visits during autumn more affordable. Even the prices of the most prestigious and luxurious villas to rent are cheaper than in summer.